Miroslav Krupa

Miroslav Krupa

I started my career as classic software developer but unlike some developers, who are the the happiest, when they can sit alone with their piece of code, I always valued social aspects and communication during work activities. So although I was really enjoying programming and technical design, I started to be interested in coordination and organization of things as well. During the time being involved in more projects pushed me into position of informal solution architect. Both these led me naturally to position where I started to sell solutions and lead projects, where I could utilize my expert knowledge and ability to effectively communicate and understand needs of key customers.

Being able to experience all project roles on supplier side gave me invaluable understanding for further improvement. The one thing I was lacking a bit was experience from customer point of view so when I was given an opportunity to jump on customer side to my current position with great level of responsibility and big space to realize myself in field of enterprise architecture and project management I could not resist for long. This enabled me to see the projects in their whole lifecycle from the project mandate till its closure and review of business benefits. You can as well much better see if the benefits really help the business as usual.

Despite I started with project management as self-learner and my lessons learned were mainly based on mistakes made and scars gotten, I recently decided to justify my experience and accelerate further improvement by taking official certifications of world-recognized standards and best practices (PRINCE2, PMP, ITIL).

So long story short, I see myself as professional project manager. I like the fact that every project is different, every project brings another challenge and every project will end eventually. The life is a change and so is the project management.

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